Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Healing with Andrea Helgeson

Multi-dimensional Healing

What is a Multi-dimensional healer?

Someone who assists in helping you become who God intended. You are not meant to carry the burdens of your past. Nor allow others to hold you in bondage to serve their needs. You are an expression of God. A boundless being here to Love and be Loved.  Joy is yours if you choose to accept what life has to offer. Healing is done through a channel or someone who bridges the Spirit world and earth. It is necessary to allow yourself to open and release all energy that no longer serves you and receive everything thing good that is God. Whatever you are holding close will melt away as you are immersed in a feeling of Love and Bliss. Healing occurs on levels and stages from Spiritual, emotional, physical and mental.

Go Within and Free Yourself

Going within creates an avenue for information to pass through your core being and allow you to be free of all worry, concerns and unhappiness that has accumulated throughout the years. You will find once you release all of the sadness and anxiety then love and joy flows back in and out of you with ease. Life becomes easier and you find yourself in amazement that this could have been how you felt long ago or relieved you no longer experience suffering or concern you can't move forward. We are not meant to hold onto that which does not serve us. We are meant to flow with grace, love and humility. Going Within means focusing on you and God within you, not getting caught up in the outside world. Centering on what is important and necessary to heal. What is important is what makes you happy, the key in inside. The door of opportunity is opened when you choose to unlock your heart.

What is a Chakra?

A Chakra is a spinning wheel of energy where matter and consciousness meet. It is the center where your mind, body, soul and spirit are connected. Healing is done working in the Chakras, removing negative energy and fine tuning the Spiritual Center in your etheric system. You have seven Spiritual centers located in the front and backside of your body. Clearing, cleaning and smoothing out the rough areas then charging the Chakras to flow energy through your system.  Room must be made to receive Love, after clearing that which no longer serves you. Messages are given as we work through each Chakra. Healing is also achieved by utilizing your energy as you are part of the clearing process.  It is necessary to ground prior as I will walk you through and help you prepare for the healing so you will feel refreshed and renewed.


Contact for an appointment

If you are ready to experience letting go and bringing in the Divine Healing Energy. Please contact me for an appointment. My fee is $75.00 per session.

Healing can be done long distance or in person.  

Go Within and Free Yourself